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COBI Historical Collection WWII Sherman IC Firefly Tank

COBI Historical Collection WWII Sherman IC Firefly Tank

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The Sherman Firefly was a British modification of the most popular American tank from the Second World War. The British used their 17-pounder cannon in it. The "IC" symbol stands for a variant with a cast front armor and a welded rear. It was a very successful construction that appeared on the Western Front in mid-1944. The COBI model received the original markings of the Polish Armed Forces fighting alongside the Allies and the historical name "REVENGE II". The tank was developed in a 1:35 scale matching our figures and consists of 600 construction blocks. The model's functionalities include: an opening hatch, access to a block-built engine, a rotating turret, a movable cannon and working tracks. All graphic elements are high-quality prints. There are no stickers in the set! The box also includes a plate with the name of the tank printed on it. An important element of the set is a very carefully designed exclusive figure: General W?adys?aw Anders (1892-1970), Polish general and politician. Our 1:35 scale collection cannot be complete without this set! Build history, piece by piece!


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