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fischertechnik PROFI Green Energy Construction Kit

fischertechnik PROFI Green Energy Construction Kit

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fischertechnik not only gives young modelmakers a glimpse into the future, but also into new worlds: A total of 343 building blocks can be used to build an eco home, for instance. A wind turbine produces energy which can generate electricity with a solar motor as a generator. Solar models on the roof of the home provide additional energy that is stored in a Goldcap capacitor. When there is a lack of sunlight the wind turbine supplies energy that can be used to operate an LED, simulating lighting in the house. There are further small models in addition to this model, all of which can be powered with renewable energy. This includes a gang saw, which is still used in modern sawmills. The wheel starts spinning under the water tap and starts to put its functions into action. The solar motor of the water turbine model serves as a generator that generates electricity, causing an LED to light up. Green Energy can be combined with the H2 Fuel Cell Car construction kit by fischertechnik. This construction kit provides an introduction to topics of the future such as fuel cells and hydrogen, which can be used to power a vehicle. The models are suitable for children aged 9 and up.

  • Contains 343 high-quality parts
  • Discovering the energy forms of the future
  • High quality product made in Germany
  • Hours of creative fun
  • Hands-on STEM based learning
  • Recommended for ages 9+


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