Collection: Bubabloon

BubaBloon was the brainchild of new mum Elena who, in 2015, was given a similar balloon cover toy as a gift for her daughter Lucia.

As a new mum Elena instantly recognized the benefits - it was a safer way for Lucia to play with balloons, reducing the risk of choking or being frightened. If the balloon did pop, it was safely retained within the cotton cover away from her little fingers and mouth. Even better, it was washable and packed away neatly into the nappy bag she was carrying everywhere.

Keen to buy the same product as a gift for her new mummy friends she was surprised that she couldn't find what she was looking for - there was nothing like it in shops and a limited choice online.

Knowing there was an untapped market for a simple, safe and portable toy she mapped out her thoughts before approaching her friend and business mentor, Lorna - and BubaBloon was born.