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BubaBloon Blocks Green Cotton Balloon Cover Toy

BubaBloon Blocks Green Cotton Balloon Cover Toy

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Intriguing for little ones with bright Colors and an intriguing blocks print - just like their favourite toys. BubaBloon was designed with safety in mind - our cover completely encloses a balloon meaning that kids can't get at any part of it. This helps make balloons safer as little hands and mouths can't get at any of the latex while the balloon is inflated or when it bursts. BubaBloon folds down to pocket size, so it's great to carry with you. Ideal for your handbag or changing bag, or as the perfect holiday toy. All BubaBloon balloon cover toys come in a retail gift box - beautifully presented for you or even better if you're passing it on to someone else. Each includes one soft cotton balloon cover and 3 latex balloons so you're ready to play right away.

  • This balloon cover completely encloses a balloon creating a fun and safe new way to present and play with balloons!
  • Improves motor activity skill development in kids of all ages
  • Suitable for children with latex contact allergies - lightweight & durable, safer for indoor or outdoor play
  • Reduces scary pops so kids aren't frightened & safely contains balloon pieces - limiting choking and suffocation risk
  • Washable & reusable - works with any latex balloon
  • Recommended for ages 4+


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