Meet Our Brands

Founded in 1987, COBI construction blocks are designed and manufactured in Poland. Our goal is to produce the highest quality construction sets that will stimulate the passion for building, discovering and collecting both in the youngest and quite adult history, technology, automotive and military enthusiasts.


All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our factory in Pfaffschwende, Germany. We make a variety of stainless steel and terra cotta construction sets for budding builders of all different skill levels. Our intricate parts are interchangeable with all Eitech sets, allowing both children and adults to be creative. Sets can have as few as 100 pieces or up to a 1,000 pieces. Build cranes, bridges, cars—even the Eiffel Tower.

Whether used at school or at home, Eitech and Teifoc sets are the ultimate learning tool for aspiring engineers, teaching children valuable hands on motor skills, learning how to follow directions, and basic STEM skills.

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Fischertechnik is an educational toy made in Germany, and is developed and manufactured at the Waldachtal location in the Black Forest. Our seal of approval is your guarantee of outstanding quality. Customers purchasing our construction sets all around the world trust innovative products by Fischertechnik.

Based on the principles of our corporate philosophy, we impress our customers with products that stand out for their quality, performance, technical progress, user-friendly design, and great benefits. Fischertechnik has become a reliable manufacturer and partner worldwide through market-based product developments, constant improvements in all areas, defect-free products, and outstanding service.


Nenuco is a Spanish brand founded in 1977 by Famosa, which is the leading manufacturer of baby dolls in Spain.

In 1957, Fábricas Agrupadas de Muñecas de Onil, S.A. (FAMOSA) was born from the alliance of a number of toymakers in Toy Valley (Alicante, Spain). The group formed in order to remain competitive in the market due to difficulty finding funding, changing technologies, and the emergence of plastic toys.

More than 50 years later we continue to be Spain’s premiere toy manufacturer, leading the industry in Spain and Portugal and firmly established in more than 50 countries, including France, Italy, Mexico and the United States.

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 Orange Tree Toys Logo Orange Tree Toys are a family owned and run business, founded in the UK by sisters, Anuja Wilson and Lamani Simons. Both are passionate about recreating the traditional type of toys that they remember from their own childhood. Over the past 20 years the company has grown steadily and now has an established, hard working and creative team. With a wide variety of products, Orange Tree Toys design and manufacture both bespoke and own brand products, as well as having the license for classic childhood favorite, Peter Rabbit.


Premium quality is guaranteed! TREFL has been making jigsaw puzzles since 1985. Thanks to the experience, quality, ongoing innovation, and ever-growing collection, TREFL has become one of the most recognized puzzle brands in the world. All TREFL branded puzzles are manufactured in a state of the art factory in Poland (European Union). Trefl logo


  "Castor" began publishing in 1989. These years of experience have brought continuous development and a strong position in many markets. Our puzzles are exported to 50 countries around the world. We provide all trading partners with professional service and high standards of professional ethics. Our brand provides highly aesthetic and functional products to ensure the complete satisfaction of puzzle lovers. The production process, technologies used, and work organization are subject to continuous improvement and monitoring to ensure and maintain our commitment to providing quality puzzles.


BubaBloon was the brainchild of new mum Elena who, in 2015, was given a similar balloon cover toy as a gift for her daughter Lucia.

As a new mum Elena instantly recognized the benefits - it was a safer way for Lucia to play with balloons, reducing the risk of choking or being frightened. If the balloon did pop, it was safely retained within the cotton cover away from her little fingers and mouth. Even better, it was washable and packed away neatly into the nappy bag she was carrying everywhere.

Keen to buy the same product as a gift for her new mummy friends she was surprised that she couldn't find what she was looking for - there was nothing like it in shops and a limited choice online.

Knowing there was an untapped market for a simple, safe and portable toy she mapped out her thoughts before approaching her friend and business mentor, Lorna - and BubaBloon was born.