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Nenuco Are You Sick? Baby Doll Play Set

Nenuco Are You Sick? Baby Doll Play Set

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Nenuco Are you sick Baby Doll is not feeling well... but we don't know what's happening to her! So we need to start from the beginning. Let's see if Nenuco Baby Doll has a temperature with the thermometer, which has a real light! Oh no, Baby has fever! Don't panic, we need to make sure that she is sick before starting the treatment. Let's give Nenuco Baby Doll a test! Put the test in her mouth and we will know if Nenuco is sick (red light) or not (green light). If Nenuco Baby Doll really is sick, don't worry! We have everything to cure her: medicine with a spoon, a vaccine and colored band aids. You can also take care of Nenuco Baby Doll with the spray bottle and the dummy. Don't forget to write every treatment on the vaccination card before going home and of course, always remember to put a face mask on Nenuco Baby Doll!

  • Includes a 35-centimeter hard body Nenuco doll dressed in a sweet purple shirt and blue heart dress.
  • Contains many medical and care accessories to play doctors in a medical consultation with Nenuco Baby Doll
  • There are accessories like a real light thermometer and a face virus test
  • Includes the following accessories : paper handkerchief, syrup, spoon, pacifier, medicine, colored plasters, mask and medicine primer paper with a cloth primer holder
  • Nenuco Baby Doll Are You Sick helps emotional development, imitation of roles and encourages imagination. Recommended toy for boys and girls from 3 years old and up


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