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fischertechnik Fuel Cell Kit Accessory Kit

fischertechnik Fuel Cell Kit Accessory Kit

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How does a fuel cell work and how does it generate hydrogen? The Fuel Cell Kit brings this technology of the future directly into the home or class room and provides answers to these and other questions. This add-on set, designed for use in conjunction with the fischertechnik Oeco Energy, or Oeco Tech sets, allows you to build several fuel cell powered models. Includes detailed instructional and activity booklet. (VERY IMPORTANT: Use of this set requires either the fischertechnik Oeco Energy set- Item No. 520400, or Oeco Tech set - Item No. 505284, to build all models and perform all functions.)

  • Special add-on set created especially for use with the fischertechnik Oeco Energy Set (sold separately)
  • Build models to learn, first hand, how a fuel cell works, and how it generates hydrogen for power
  • Includes one reversible fuel cell with integrated hydrogen storage unit, and a 1V solar module
  • Also comes with a teaching and activity booklet, providing useful information on this important source of clean, renewable energy
  • fischertechnik Oeco Energy Set - Item #520400 or Oeco Tech set - Item #505284 (sold separately) is required to build all models and perform all functions
  • Recommended for ages 8+


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