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Nancy, a Day of Mermaid Doll

Nancy, a Day of Mermaid Doll

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Splash into the deep end with Nancy! Take her on a magical under-the-sea journey in her gorgeous aqua sequin swimsuit and stunning pink-to-silver color-changing mermaid tail accessory. Let her luscious golden locks flow in the water or adorn them with a seastar headband for a truly mer-mazing look. Nancy is designed to be submerged in the pool, beach, or even the bathtub - she'll make waves wherever she goes!

  • This Nancy changes into a beautiful and cool mermaid
  • Wearing a beautiful blue swimming costume and has a long bright and colorful mermaid's tail
  • Nancy has beautiful blonde hair, she can be submerged in water and is 16.5in/42cm long
  • The ideal doll to play with in the water, either at a swimming pool, at the seaside or in the bath
  • Encourages girls to use their imagination and be creative


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