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Nenuco Baby Doll with Glasses, 35cm

Nenuco Baby Doll with Glasses, 35cm

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Your little one isn't the only one that has glasses, Nenuco does too! This 12” doll has a sweet pink dress with a classy kitty and hearts. Her light blonde hair is swept into fun pigtails and her blue eyes are accented with her gorgeous pink glasses! She also comes with two eye patches in cute cloud prints. Make playtime fun for your glasses wearing kiddo with a doll that looks like them!

  • Playtime is more fun with a baby doll that looks like you!
  • Nenuco comes with a special pair of bright pink eye glasses and two eye patches in cheerful cloud prints.
  • She is wearing a light pink dress that features a classy kitty with eye glasses too! Her blonde hair is styled with bangs and two high pigtails for the ultimate playtime outfit.
  • Nenuco can drink and pee like a real baby and her 35cm waterproof hard body is the perfect size for little hands to hold!
  • Part of the Nenuco Inclusive Collection designed to highlight and celebrate the beauty of diversity.


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