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Teifoc School Brick

Teifoc School Brick

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The Teifoc School Set brick and mortar construction kit assortment is a mixed 320 pieces brick building set that contains enough materials for up to 8 children, using real clay bricks and cement. Includes guided instructions that helps teachers or parents understand how to use Teifoc brick construction sets during the most educational hour in the classroom or playtime. The set consists of over 320 parts, which are stored in a plastic box. It contains various types of stone, windows, doors, mortar bowls, trowels and water-soluble mortar. Playing with Teifoc products promotes fine motor skills as well as logical and spatial thinking. To build a new model, simply soak in water, dry the bricks and start again. It's as easy as that! Teifoc is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Eitech in Germany.

  • Safe soluble corn extract based mortar
  • Includes over 320 pieces to build with
  • Designed to promote creativity and innovation in young minds
  • Clay bricks can be used countless times for imaginative play!
  • Made in Germany
  • Recommended for ages 6+


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