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Nenuco Soft Baby Doll with 5 Real Life Functions

Nenuco Soft Baby Doll with 5 Real Life Functions

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Nenuco Baby Doll makes five different sounds: When you press her little belly, she giggles! Press her hands and she will call out for mommy and daddy. Put the pacifier in her mouth and hear the suction noises, but be careful! If you remove it Nenuco Baby Doll will cry! She can also suck her thumb just like a real baby. Her body is warm and cuddly and she is outfitted in an pink fox pajama set with a matching hat.

  • Nenuco Baby Doll in a soft pink color with five functions.
  • Her soft body makes her perfect for hugs!
  • Baby Doll says,"Mom" and "Dad" when you press her left hand
  • Baby Doll giggles when you press her right hand or left foot
  • Baby Doll cries when you press her left foot
  • Recommended for ages 1 year


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