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fischertechnik ADVANCED Funny Reactions Construction Kit

fischertechnik ADVANCED Funny Reactions Construction Kit

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Create funny and creative chain reactions with 660 components contained in the fischertechnik Funny Reactions construction kit. The sky’s the limit as far as the imagination goes. A cable car, a Ferris wheel, a catapult and a banked turn provide high-speed variety. The anticipation grows when setting up a cable car, wheel or tower, creating a domino-effect obstacle course. Once set up, the excitement builds: Will the chain reaction run like clockwork? A metal ball rolls through several bends in the flex track. Once it has reached the bottom it activates a lever that starts up a cable car. The action hero contained in the construction kit moves downhill with the cable before meeting an obstacle that sets a polystyrene ball in motion. The ball rolls down the track and initiates further chain reactions. A cannon and a catapult provide a surprising final effect at the end. Three creative models can be built with the fischertechnik Funny Reactions construction kit. It allows children to playfully develop their motor skills while getting to know physical elements. Funny Reactions is the ideal addition to the Funny Machines construction kit. Imaginative discoverers can equip the obstacle course with various objects and materials, adding many additional chain reactions. The colourful obstacle course is suitable for children aged 8 and up.

  • Contains 682 high-quality parts
  • Trigger action-packed and exciting reactions with a little push
  • High quality product made in Germany
  • Hours of creative fun
  • Hands-on STEM based learning
  • Recommended for ages 8+


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