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fischertechnik PROFI H2 Fuel Cell Car Construction Kit

fischertechnik PROFI H2 Fuel Cell Car Construction Kit

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A must-have for the engineers of the future: The H2 Fuel Cell Car construction kit contains 117 parts that allow a futuristic vehicle to be designed. This is where the drive comes into play: The accompanying fuel cell is connected using the power adapter to initiate the electrolysis: Distilled water separates into oxygen and hydrogen, which is stored in two labelled containers. This illustrates where each gas is contained. As soon as the water level has reached the upper edge of the H2 container, the fuel cell can be placed on the car – and off we go. With this construction kit, fischertechnik helps convey the megatrend of this pioneering and sustainable drive technology in a playful manner. It also provides the ideal addition to the Green Energy construction kit, which explains the principles of hydropower, wind power and solar energy. The H2 Fuel Cell Car is suitable for children aged 9 and up.

  • Contains 117 high-quality parts
  • Design a futuristic vehicle propelled by electrolysis
  • High quality product made in Germany
  • Hours of creative fun
  • Hands-on STEM based learning
  • Recommended for ages 9+


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