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fischertechnik Robotics Hightech Construction Kit

fischertechnik Robotics Hightech Construction Kit

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The Robotics Hightech construction kit contains over 300 components with which a total of nine models can be built. The new TXT 4.0 Controller is the centrepiece of the kit. Not only is it flatter and more compact, with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB flash memory it offers significantly more storage capacity than its predecessor. It also has outputs for 3 servomotors and 4 encoder motors. This allows the model’s position and driving distance to be precisely determined. A camera, ultrasonic distance sensor and track sensor enable challenging tasks to be completed. The models are controlled using the newly developed ROBO Pro Coding programming language. It supports graphic and text-based programming and has a selection of various learning levels. Its graphic interface makes it ideal for learning the universal Python programming language at a later stage. The omniwheels are another new feature that can be built and allow robots to manoeuvre much more flexibly. They can rotate in the smallest of spaces or can drive themselves into a parking spot. Young builders can thereby learn the workings of autonomous driving. The three robot models are particularly impressive and include a football robot that searches for a ball using the camera before approaching it and kicking it towards the goal. A ball robot swings balls towards a bright target. The painting robot gets arty by drawing simple preprogrammed shapes with an attached pen. The construction kit is suitable for children aged 10 and up.

  • Contains over 300 high-quality parts
  • A total of 9 different models can be built
  • High quality product made in Germany
  • Hours of creative fun
  • Hands-on STEM based learning
  • Recommended for ages 10+


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