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fischertechnik Solar Power Building Kit

fischertechnik Solar Power Building Kit

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Renewable energy sources will play an increasingly significant role in future. A solar cell generates electricity from the energy of the sun to move the solar boats and the solar car. Whether on water or land, the construction set is a learning-by-playing approach to solar power. Water fun is guaranteed with the floating "Solar Catamaran" and "Paddle Steamer". The solar module and solar motor can also be used to make a solar vehicle and a ventilating fan. The didactic activity information about solar power is available online. Parts include solar module (2V; 200mA), solar motor (2V.), boat hull.

  • Contains 130 parts for building 4 fun solar models
  • Build a solar car, a ventilating fan, or solar boats
  • Take to the water with the floating "Solar Catamaran" and "Paddle Steamer"
  • Includes a 2V solar module and a 2V solar motor
  • All sets are fully compatible and easily combined
  • Recommended for ages 8+


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