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Nancy, a Day with my Scooter

Nancy, a Day with my Scooter

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Nancy a day with scooter is ready to explore the urban jungle in style. She is rocking a trendy cropped pink sweatshirt and chic cargo pants with fashionable sneakers. Her golden hair is in high side ponytail with loose curls. She isn’t dressed to impress to sit at home, hit the pavement on her light up scooter with her fuzzy white backpack! Brush her hair, do her makeup and don't forget her cell!

  • Nancy is ready to ride around the city in style with her first scooter!
  • Features lights on the backward wheel while moving on her bike
  • Nancy's smart phone lights up when is placed on the scooter support
  • Scooter has handles on the handlebars to hold Nancy in place while riding
  • Fashionable accessories: cropped sweatshirt, trousers, sneakers and plush backpack with extra accessories (smartphone, hair comb, lipstick, and drink with love shaped straw)


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