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New Classic Toys Geometric Stacking Puzzle

New Classic Toys Geometric Stacking Puzzle

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Shaping, stacking and sorting: with this creative puzzle from New Classic Toys your child will be just as sweet! This cheerful puzzle contains four different geometric shapes: circles, rectangles, triangles and squares. Find the right shapes with the puzzle and place them over the right sticks. A real challenge for children, because not every shape fits just like that! At the same time, eye-hand coordination and the recognition of colors and shapes are practiced. The wooden forms are very child-friendly and can be easily grasped.

  • We want to challenge, excite and enjoy children with high quality wooden toys
  • Fun: This beautiful toy is colourful and fun. The colors are bright. Children could spend lot of time playing and parents finally could get some rest
  • Learning: Cultivate children's perception of color, in the game to train the children hand, brain, eye coordination. Parents playing with children, teach them to understand the shape and characteristics of each toy, develop children's cognitive abilities
  • Age: Designed for anyone aged 1 and up, this imagination toy can be enjoyed by every child in the family
  • Educational: Building, stacking, sorting and counting. Playing and learning go hand in hand with the collection 'Educational' of New Classic Toys


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